Science Meets Beauty – 6 Secrets to Skin Health in Austin, Texas

At AustinMD where “Science Meets Beauty” we truly care about helping you to optimize your inner and outer health and beauty – in particular – your skin health.   We offer state-of-the-art aesthetic procedures and Functional Medicine testing and interventions that synergistically optimize your appearance, health, and vitality.  

Functional Medicine is rooted in the truth that no health concern exists in isolation, but that each health concern affects the whole person.  Our appearance and how we see ourselves directly impact other aspects of our health. As a result, we offer a holistic, balanced approach to aesthetics, merging the irrefutable mind, body, spirit connection of health with the science of Functional Medicine as our foundation. 

 At AustinMD, we have observed the transformation in our patients as they take advantage of our various aesthetic procedures.  The instant results and improvements they see in their appearance spark an increased motivation to make the positive lifestyle changes that will not only prolong the results of their procedure but improve their inner and overall health.  This positive feedback loop continues to stimulate a synergistic relationship between outward appearance and inner health. 

We recognize that the best skin health is only achievable as we make the positive lifestyle changes that improve our inner health.  Our practice model allows us to work with you as a team to devise a realistic plan to achieve personal health and beauty goals for the long term.  Since our aesthetic procedures do stimulate new tissue and collagen growth, we want to do all we can to support and optimize this process.   So, foundational practices will always include a focus on gut health, lowering inflammation, and optimizing nutrient reserves. 

With a Functional Medicine Foundation in mind, here are a few tips to maximize and prolong the results of your aesthetic procedures:

1. MOVEMENT & FLOW for Skin Health

Gentle movement throughout the day to increase circulation is important for carrying nutrients to the tissues and removing waste products.  Don’t sit for longer than 90 minutes.  Engage in joyful movements such as walking and gentle stretching – Austin and Cedar Park has so many accessible outdoor areas to partake in such activities.  Taking a short 15–20-minute walk after a meal will greatly improve insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control which is essential for healing and lowering inflammation.  

2. HYDRATION for Skin Health

Water is essential for healing and to increasing circulation. Aim for a minimum of half an ounce to an ounce a day for each pound you weigh.  The collagen and elastin that support the shape and texture of your skin require adequate hydration to maintain their supportive strength and health. 

3. SLEEP for Skin Health

Sleep is the time when your body repairs itself.  During sleep, blood flow to your skin increases and collagen is rebuilt.   So, stimulative sleep is vital to maximizing the results of any aesthetic procedures you may have and to improve the appearance and health of your skin overall. 


Avoid eating within 2-3 hours prior to bedtime to allow the gut to heal and repair itself overnight.  Many nutrient deficiencies are the result of impaired digestion and absorption related to compromised gut function.  Our digestive system needs rest to optimally function for us as well. 


The combination of sugar and alcohol raises inflammation which breaks down collagen.  Alcohol is also a diuretic, literally draining water from your system.  While alcohol dehydrates us, long-term sugar consumption leads to a process known as “glycation.”  Glycation is a process that is caused by excess sugar/glucose in skin fibers where sugar literally “hardens” collagen. Long-term sugar consumption increases the production of Advanced Glycation End products.  It is easy to remember, as this stands for AGEs! 

Herbal or green teas with a splash of tart cherry or pomegranate juice would be a much healthier option to substitute for alcohol and sugar. 

6. NUTRITION for Skin Health

An overall healthy balanced diet is always important, but especially during times of tissue repair and regeneration such as post-procedure.  

Start by avoiding processed foods, alcohol and refined carbohydrates and sugar, which can promote inflammation. 

Instead increase your intake of fresh colorful vegetables, fruits (particularly berries), fiber-rich plant foods, clean protein, and healthy fats such as avocados, nuts, seeds.  

A particular focus on protein, collagen and vitamin C is important while undergoing aesthetic procedures, as these nutrients form the matrix and building blocks for tissue regeneration.  Collagen is a vital part of the protein structure of your skin and vitamin C binds the protein matrix together.  Supplementation may be recommended due to increased metabolic demands at this time. 

You may consider skin IV therapy prior to and/or immediately after a procedure. By directly administering nutrients to the bloodstream via IV therapy, a higher blood level can be achieved, as absorption may be limited in the gut.  This can provide an immediate tissue saturation and therapeutic response to boost healing and tissue regeneration. 

In addition, protect your skin from UV sun exposure with good sunscreen and use high-quality non-toxic skincare products.  We are here to assist and advise you in this selection as well.  

At AustinMD and our aesthetic med spa Austin Texas with our multi-faceted team approach to , we have the unique opportunity to develop a long-term relationship with you, allowing us to monitor your results and adjust treatment plans to guide you on your health and beauty journey. 


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