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Board-certified physician Dr. Kausik Roy is pleased to offer an integrative approach to skin care at AustinMD Aesthetics and Wellness center to help rejuvenate your skin from inside out. Read More…

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Many diseases are the manifestation of poor diet, stress, lack of sleep, and excess weight. Dr. Roy will get to the root of the problem, rather than just treat symptoms. Read More…

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IV Vitamin Therapy

IV therapy has been prescribed by doctors and administered by nurses for over a century.  If you’re looking for healthier skin, boosting your immune system, de-toxifying, preparing for or recovering from a sports event, then IV vitamin therapy can be useful.  The doctor or nurse practitioner will prescribe a personalized formula, a pharmacist will mix the solution per the doctor’s orders, and a qualified nurse or healthcare professional will start your IV and monitor the vitamin infusion to ensure the rates of vitamins and minerals are administered properly.

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Hormone Replacement

Are you currently suffering from

  • Decreased muscle strength?
  • Reduced sexual desire?
  • Exhaustion, low energy and fatigue?
  • Weight gain, particularly around the stomach and midsection area?
  • Thinning hair?

Then bioidentical hormone replacement therapy maybe what you need. BHRT or bioidentical hormone therapy is the use of hormones that are IDENTICAL on a molecular level with the endogenous hormones (produced by the body naturally) in hormone replacement therapy. These are not derived from an animal source like synthetic hormones. To help men and women improve their mental and physical health as they age, hormone replacement therapy raises and balances hormone levels.

Athletic Performance

Calling people on all levels of fitness. If you’re an athlete on the field , a body builder, a workout fanatic, or a mom/dad trying to get into better shape, welcome to the next level with AustinMD.   We are here to not only help you achieve your goals, but exceed them and set new ones. We use the latest scientific breakthroughs to get results. Contact us to find out more!