Your Safety Matters COVID-19 Update Virtual Consultation

Functional Medicine Services

Functional medicine is a holistic, patient-centered, collaborative healthcare approach that searches for the root cause of an illness, and works on reversing it and preventing future diseases. We focus on personalized treatment and prevention by correcting the root cause of the problem. We offer state of the art advanced testing such as nutrigenomics, gut microbiome, and micronutrient labs to get the best results for you.  At AustinMD, you will have a team of physician, nurse practitioner, dietitian, health coach, chef, and personal trainer collaborate to create a personalized diet, supplement, and lifestyle plan to help  create a healthier you. Schedule a complementary consultation and start your journey to better health today!


Your Safety Matters, Austin

Here’s our commitment to you:

  • AustinMD closely follows the CDC and city of Austin guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Employees and patients will be screened for COVID—19 by conducting a temperature check and answering a few questions.
  • ALL patients and staff will practice social distancing inside the clinic while possible, and assure to wear a face mask while present in common areas of space.
  • All commonly used areas and shared spaces will be sanitized in between patients and hourly at minimum.
  • All equipment will be wiped down and sanitized in between patients.