Key Benefits of the ProLon Fast Mimicking Diet

Are You Struggling to Control:

  • Body Fat
  • Aging
  • Glucose
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood Pressure

Prolon is the first Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD) proven effective in addressing these key health factors and improving the aging process.

ProLon is a 5-day dietary program scientifically designed to nourish and rejuvenate your body while supporting metabolic balance. The ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet gives many of the benefits of a 5-day water-only fast while allowing you to eat delicious food to help fight hunger and lose fat while protecting lean body mass. ProLon is a “Kick Start” to help you achieve a healthy weight and decrease risk factors for disease and premature aging.

ProLon is based on two decades of National Institutes (NIH) for Health and National Institute on Aging (NIA) sponsored research and clinical trials. ProLon was designed after scientists identified key genes activated by proteins and sugars that regulate aging. Subsequent discoveries indicated that periodic fasting could activate stem cells and promote protection, regeneration, and rejuvenation in multiple organs, significantly reducing risk factors for diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and heart disease.

Effects of ProLon Fasting on the Body

During prolonged fasting, your body starts the process of self-cleaning called autophagy (or cellular cleanup) which was the subject of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Think of autophagy as a biological vacuum that cleans up old worn-out cellular components to make room for newer fully functioning ones.

Autophagy is not stimulated until 3-4 days of fasting

however most people cannot tolerate a water-only fast of that length. This is where the science of Prolon comes in. Prolon “tricks” your body into thinking you are fasting while providing you with the perfect balance of nutrients that have been scientifically chosen to preserve lean body mass, up-regulate metabolic pathways and downregulate damaging cellular aging metabolic pathways.

In this way, you obtain all the cellular renewing benefits of a water-only fast, while avoiding the negative consequences associated with severe caloric restriction. Prolon minimizes the burden of water-only fasting while responding to the need for a tasty, convenient, and safe dietary program.

Aging is a complex process of accumulation of cellular and organ damage leading to loss of function and increased vulnerability to disease and death. Despite the complexity of the aging process, research continues to reveal that dietary and genetic alterations can substantially increase a healthy life span or “healthspan” helping us to maintain a vibrant life and optimal functioning. What we eat and when we eat is a large part of the determining factor in how long and how well you will live.

People using Prolon have reported:

  • An improvement in energy levels
  • Healthier looking skin
  • Feeling empowered to make healthier choices, eat less
  • and have fewer cravings.
  • A positive impact on their lifestyle
  • Weight loss of 5-8 pounds
  • Reduced waist circumference (average 1.6 inches)
  • (Decreased belly fat)
  • Improved mental clarity and focus

Prolon is an efficient and effective way to help most individuals transition to and maintain a lifestyle of longevity and wellness. However, fasting is not recommended for frail individuals,

pregnant or breastfeeding women, individuals with eating disorders, those with an underweight BMI, diabetics on insulin or oral hypoglycemic medications and those with heart arrhythmias or low blood pressure. Due to our commitment to the safety of our patients at AustinMD, we are only offering Prolon after a medical evaluation is completed by one of our providers.

AustinMD’s Prolon Program includes:

  • Initial Consult with our Functional Medicine Providers Dr.
  • Roy or Dr. Jenny
  • Three Nutrition Consultations with our Functional
  • Medicine Registered Dietitian and Nurse Tammy Gallow
  • to assist you with achieving and maintaining optimal
  • results from the Prolon Program
  • Complete “In Body” body composition analysis before and
  • after completion of the program.
  • Skin Care Consult and Visia Skin Analysis

We look forward to speaking with you about this exciting program to jump-start the New Year and New You!!!


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