Are You Looking for a Natural Solution for Acute or Chronic Injury or Pain? 

Are you looking for a natural solution to your acute or chronic injury or pain? Prolozone may be just for you.  

This is a partial list of conditions that Prolozone is a response to:  • 

  • Neck and back pain 
  • Degenerative and arthritic joints: knees, hips, and ankles 
  • Plantar fasciitis 
  • Sports injuries 
  • Can improve athletic performance 
  • Tennis elbow and more…  

Prolozone has been found to relieve joint pain naturally without surgeries or other unwanted medication side effects.  

The reason that some injuries don’t heal has to do with circulation. The initial trauma of the event and the resulting inflammation result in a decrease in circulation which then compromises the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the area that has been damaged.  

Dr. Frank Shallenberger, the pioneer of Prolozone described this process through the circle of pain.  

Every injury whether acute or chronic starts with some type of trauma which  initiates the cycle where the body then experiences: 

  • decreased oxygen utilization 
  • decreased membrane potential and increased free radical damage
  • increased tissue damage 
  • Edema and Inflammation  

  This cycle can be broken by using Prolozone which is a natural, non-surgical solution to help solve stubborn problems. It contains vitamins, nutrients, and  ozone that: 

  • decrease inflammation 
  • Kills bacteria fungi, and viruses 
  • Stimulates regeneration of damaged joint tissue  
  • Improves circulation to affected joints or injured areas which promotes healing. Reduces or eliminates acute and chronic pain

Bill was a 53-year-old male who was told he needed knee surgery and sought other options. He wasn’t able to bike and was gaining weight. After our consultation, Bill was all in to try the prolozone therapy

He went through a series of knee injections and happily expressed gratitude and relief that he was now back to biking and the pounds were starting to fall off but mostly he was happy he didn’t have to have surgery.  

That was almost 2 years ago and Bill is still riding and pain-free.  

If you’re looking for a natural solution to promote pain relief, promote regenerative healing to your injury or chronic issue, call AustinMD and schedule for your free 15-minute consultation to see how Prolozone can help you! 

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